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Rub It On, Rub It Off

Shop Class is officially an Odie's Oil dealer.

Admittedly, I was one of those that slapped polyurethane on everything. Tiring of the "plastic look,"

I started looking for alternatives. There are literally thousands of options, however most fall into either two groups, penetrating or surface finishes. Most use solvents that allow the finish to be applied and then evaporate leaving behind the finish. Most come with warning labels indicating they might not be great for your health.

Additionally, performance was an issue. If the finished is for interior use your challenge is somewhat easier. Exterior finishes are more of a challenge. Paint works best, but does not provide for a natural wood look. In my experience a exterior grade polyurethane is the best option for a couple of years, maybe. On oily woods such as teak, using a polyurethane is an oxymoron.

From what started as a floor finishing company in Florida comes an option that contains no toxic solvents, driers or hardeners. It is food safe, it is safe for your family, pets and most importantly you, the one applying it.

So, how do you apply it? The best information comes from the Odie's Oil people, but there are numerous YouTube videos. Here is Odie's Oil:

Is stocking these Odie's products:

  • Odie's Oil Universal 9oz (Provides a great interior finish in one application)

  • Odie's Wood Butter (Can buff to a higher shine; is like putting sunscreen on)

  • Odie's Wax (A hard wax with a great smell; hard durable finish)

  • Odie's Dark (Like regular Odie's but darker luster; not recommended for exterior)

  • Odie's Solvent Free Super Penetrating Oil (I have had great results using this on an exterior porch floor)

  • Mr. Cornwall's Super Duper Everlasting Oil (in spite of the name, it seems to have many uses: finishing a live edge, protecting metal surfaces, i.e., table saw top)

  • Odie's Safer Solvent (haven't tried yet)

  • Odie's Super Cleaning Concentrate (haven't tried yet)

  • Non-Woven Hand Pads (6" x 9" they are cut into smaller applicators; stocking white and gray Micro Fine)

Drop by Shop Class. We are selling Odie's Oil at the same price as on line and will let you try it, smell it, etc.

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