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Calling All Beginning Woodworkers...

It's time to up your game!

Shop Class is offering two classes to help you upgrade your skill level:

Woodworking Joinery - This class is a follow-on class to our Beginning Woodworking or for woodworkers with some experience wanting to expand their skills. Basic knowledge of the table saw, and other equipment is a prerequisite. Instructor Joe Clay has developed a course that will explore different wood joints, i.e., half lap, dovetail, mortise and tenon, and the Festool Domino. Three sessions will combine lecture, demonstration, and hands-on learning from a master. Registration is $205 with a maximum 6 students; materials provided.

Advanced Woodworking - Using skills developed in Shop Class’s Woodworking Joinery Class, students will build a pair of James Krenov inspired sawhorses (yours to keep). Versions of these handy sawhorses are used daily at Shop Class because they are light weight, strong and easy to store. Class instruction includes lumber purchasing, milling, hand shaping and the execution of three types of joints (a pinned half lap, a wedged through mortise and tenon and a bridle joint). Prerequisite – Woodworking Joinery or equivalent competency; Registration $205, maximum 6 students; materials provided.



20" Powermatic Planer

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