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Creativity Comes in Many Forms

Worker Bees, by Jill Eberle

Oil on aluminum, 40 x30

Scotty is another Shop Class success story. Armed with construction experience, Scotty took Shop Class’s Beginning Woodworking, Welding, Joinery, Pyrography, and other classes. Immediately, he put his new skills to work making cutting boards while perfecting the art of laminating different woods.

One of many cutting boards

Even dabbled in rebuilding and enhancing flood damaged musical instruments.

Building skateboards is where Scotty really shines.

The Covid Board

The Tiny Board

"The Beast," shop made of steel and concrete by Scotty has an air actuated hydraulic press. He simply applies a little glue to some veneers and sticks in the press to make a skateboard deck. Here, watch the process:

When people ask Scotty to build a board for them, his stock response is, “No, but I will teach you how to make one.” Evidently, Shop Class has now added skateboard construction classes.

Scotty quickly made himself invaluable to Shop Class and is now Shop Class’s Operational Manager. He helps maintain the equipment and is always on hand for shop upgrades.

Above we are installing the entrance roof. That’s Scotty doing the work while I supervise from below.

His latest project was this porch coffee table made from ipe (pronounced “ee-pay”).

Ipe is durable, very hard (dulls tools), rot resistant and very difficult to work. The bench was designed to withstand sever loading stress. The finish used is Odie’s Oil. Noticing a trend here – Odie’s Oil is becoming the go-to finish around Shop Class.

Scotty keeps Shop Class open on Wednesday and Friday evenings and always helping others with their projects.



20" Powermatic Planer

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