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Busy Week at Shop Class

Ryan Turner completed another piece of furniture. This time it is a floating top coffee table out of cherry.

The top, complete with fiddles, is ingeniously connected to the base that has reverse taper legs (narrower at the top than the bottom). The floating tenon joinery was accomplished with Shop Class’s Domino 500. This is the second of this design built at Shop Class.

Aaron, a former client (transferred) and Joe examine Aaron’s version of the same table design that he built while taking Joe’s joinery class.

The design is found in Fine Woodworking, 2014.

Shop Class had an island woodworker drop in for a quick project. Scotty, a pre-Covid resident of the BVI’s needed to a build a bench for her mother. Shop Class introduced her to the Simple Outdoor Side Table design by The pocket screw project plans are easily adapted to other dimensions if needed.

Shop Class’s front door built by Joe Clay was getting a little “long-in-the-tooth.” The exterior finish failed. The door faces south, and even though an overhang was installed it receives a lot of sun. The door was sanded, and Odie’s Oil and Odie’s Wax was applied. Product details say that that Odie’s Oil is for exterior use, and Odie’s Wax is like applying sunscreen. The test is on…


Now for Shop Class’s Big News for the Week!

Shop Class’s Laguna 14/12 Bandsaw has been replaced by a Powermatic 18” 5 HP. Pretty much the biggest bandsaw you can go with while staying single phase. Currently, we are running a ¼” blade for general purpose and we have a 1” blade for resawing. Other blades are on order to see what it is “happy” with. At 850 pounds, 30 amp 220V, and two 4” dust ports, it was a fun install.


20" Powermatic Planer

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