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The Cathedral to Woodworking

Shop Class's 101 year-old warehouse has taken a beating over the years. The doors and windows were no exception. Every door needed attention and/or was replaced. Initial attention was given to the windows in the classroom/office area. Turning to the shop area, the windows on either side of the loading dock have been slowly rotting away and may not survive the winter.

I built a new frame out of cypress, and Jon and Scotty did a bang-up job of installing it into the 15" thick brick wall. We were able to reuse the original double strength glass (28" X 48") as protection for the inside panel.

I asked Pollie to use her stain glass prowess, to design something with metal bars that would make the window look more secure. We never over think things at Shop Class...

First window is done and it is beautiful. Thanks, Pollie

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