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Furniture Maker in the Making

Shop Class loves to see successes, and Ryan Turner is one of them. Like a lot of Shop Class patrons, Ryan started out in our beginner class. Not stopping there, Ryan went on to take joinery, hand tool workshop, turning and welding. He is pictured below completing Shop Classes Advanced Woodworking where he built a pair of James Krenov inspired sawhorses that incorporates a pegged half lap, through tenon with a wedge and a bridle joint.

Evidently, inspired by our beginners class where we make cutting boards, Ryan started producing uber cutting boards. Many of his designs incorporated Trompe L’oeil effects.

BTW – That is the bottom being finished, the top is even more impressive.

Ryan has now started making fine furniture.

The design for this table appeared in an April 2000 Fine Woodworking article by Charles Durfee. Shop Class maintains a library of woodworking books, magazines and designs for members use that Ryan accessed to find a table that fit his needs.

The plans simply titled Trestle Table with Breadboard Ends. The design incorporates several mortises and tenon joints and some pattern work.

The top is attached mechanically with an interesting screw blocks/dado arrangement.

The spreader is attached by large through mortises and tenons with a couple of wedges inserted. Odie’s Oil (see: was used for the finish after sanding to 380 grit. The result was an exceptionally smooth finish that highlights the cherry used for the project.

Ryan is planning a coffee table for his next project that I am sure will be featured in future blog posts.


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