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Deck Chair with Flair

Plans for the Deck Chair with Flair caught my eye in the June 2021 Fine Woodworking. The online version of the plans indicated that this required an "intermediate skill level" to execute. Evidently, I am below Fine Woodworking's estimation of intermediate because I found it to be rather challenging. The backs tenons go through the mortises in the seat at an eight degree slant, and also follow the curve of the seat and the back. Getting an "acceptable fit" was a struggle for me. An interesting construction detail is the seat and back slats uses size 20 biscuits in a number 10 slot resulting in a 1/6' gap between the slats allowing for the slight curvature.

The table was reversed engineered from a commercial design. Both the table and the chairs were made out of red grandis, an excellent exterior wood. The finish for exterior use is Odie's Super Penetrating Oil, followed by Odie's Oil and then Odie's Wood Butter with copious buffing between the products.


20" Powermatic Planer

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