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Simple Outdoor Side Table

The other day I noticed I did not have a place to sit my beer while enjoying the front porch. And then, a few days later when I was cleaning up piles of lumber left from projects, I found some end cuttings of western red cedar. Hmmm, a search on the internet produced plans from:

I found Jamison's plans to be spot on, after I figured out that when he said 6 and 4 inches, he was referring to the nominal size (actual size 5 1/2" or 3 1/2") of lumber from a big box store. I was starting from rough cut lumber.

Here is my table getting finish that will stand up to spilled beer:

With a great cut list and Sketchup style plans the build was easy and fast. I opted to laminate 3/4" boards to get the 1 1/2" required for the legs because my found lumber did not include any 6/4 stock. Also, I am fairly certain the plans were for a lesser equipped shop. Cutting the tapered legs was a snap using Shop Class's Rockler taper jig. The legs and the aprons were given a round over profile on the router table, but I elected to only ease the outer edges on the top. All 'n all, a fun and satisfying quick build. Thanks Jamison!

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