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Railroad Protest Art Show

Save the date:

Friday, April 19, 2024, 5-8 pm

Train Art.jpg

Join Shop Class for a Fun Evening Next to the Railroad Tracks
Food and Refreshments Provided

Railroad Art Show Terms and Conditions


*Exhibition is open to any artist over 18 years old currently residing in the United States. Artists under 18 may enter with signed parental permission


*All 2D works must be wired and ready for hanging. No works greater than 36” in any dimension. No work exceeding 50lbs.


*Artist may choose to sell work at exhibition at their selected listed price. Shop Class will deduct the cost of credit card processing (2%-5)% and sales tax from the sale, and pay the artist the remaining balance within 30 days of the end of the exhibition. Artist may also choose to list work as “Not for Sale (NFS)”


*All care and due diligence will be observed in the hanging and exhibition of works; however Shop Class provides no insurance on artwork in the exhibition. 


*Artist shall retain all copyright to their works; however, Shop Class shall be granted a limited use copyright to take and utilize photos for marketing, publicity, and other business uses relevant to the exhibition and Shop Class’ business practices, in print, digital, and other medias. This may include printed materials, social media posts, and Of course all work shall be original and free of copyright infringement.


*Artist shall pick up their work on the assigned drop off date. Any works left more than 90 days after the close of the exhibition will become the property of Shop Class. Thanks!


*Shop Class reserves the right to not include any works it deems unsafe, defamatory, in violation of relevant laws, or not crafted to their standards, without notice beforehand to the artist.

20" Powermatic Planer

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